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Kavi Henryson – 2022 Track Points Champion

Kavi Henryson won the overall 2022 Track Points Championship, for his awesome performance on his cruiser. We sat-down with Kavi, to get some of the details of his 2022 season, his plans for the future, and other deets.

Name: Kavi Henryson

Age: 12

Proficiency: Cruiser and Expert

Team: One Way BMX

Sponsors/Co-Sponsors (if any): One Way Firewood

What Frame Do You Ride?  Speedco Velox V2 for Cruiser / Meybo Holeshot for Class

How Long Have You Been Racing?  Since 2020

How Did You Get Involved in BMX Racing?
When I was 7 or 8 my family went to the 4th of July parade in South Elgin and The Hill had people riding in the parade. One of the riders handed us a flyer with racing information. Eventually, me and my brothers rode our bikes to the track. We loved it. We all bought race bikes in 2019 and started practicing and going to watch the races.

Was Winning the “Track Points Champion Title” a Goal You Set Early in the Season, or Did it Just Work Out That Way?
I was going for the title in 2021 until I got injured. It took me out for six weeks, and ruined my chance to win. My brother finished second for track champion in 2021, so all four of us brothers were fighting for the title all year.

Tell Us About Your 2022 Racing Season at The Hill:
I focused mainly on racing Cruiser

What Are Your BMX Goals for 2023?
Getting plates in Gold Cup and State

What is your Long-Term Goal for Your BMX Career?
NAG and World Plates

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Order at The Hill’s Concession Stand?
Freeze Pops

Do You Have Any Friends at School Who Also Race?
Everyone at my school races. I am homeschooled. I have three brothers and three sisters that all race Class and Cruiser.

Who Is Your Favorite BMX Expert or Pro?
Pro: Izaak Kennedy / Expert Cedric Cade and Drew Polk

What’s Your Favorite Subject in School?

How Long Did it Take You to Move-Up From Novice to Inter, and Inter to Expert?
I started racing as an Expert. I won track champion for Cruiser class.

What’s the Farthest Race You Have Been To?
Farmer City

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing About BMX Racing?
Competition and making new friends

Feel Free to Give Any Thanks or Shout-Outs:
I want to thank GOD and my parents

We asked Kavi’s dad, Jason to tell use a little about the “1 Way” Team, and its origins
One Way BMX was established to inform others that Jesus is the only way to eternal salvation.

John 14:6:
I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Keep an eye on Kavi, and the 1 Way Team throughout the 2023 season…and take this opportunity to opt-in for track points, so you can have a shot at the title, this season.


Single Points Race: April 23

Quesadilla Day at The Hill BMX Concessions
Quesadilla Day at The Hill BMX Concessions. Photo by Lottie Griffiths, via unsplash

It’s going to be a beautiful day for some BMX Racing on April 23, so come on out to The Hill and bring some friends.

You’re also going to want to bring a hearty appetite.  We’ll have all the standard fare at our concession stand that BMXers far and wide love… PLUS, Saturday is Quesadilla Day.  

REMINDER: The Concession Stand accepts cash and Concession Cards only.  You can purchase concession cards right here on the website, and we’ll have them waiting for you at concessions on race day.

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