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Pre-Register for the 700-Point Weekend — July 7-9, 2023

We look forward to seeing your family at The Hill this weekend, for our 2023 700-Point Weekend! Below are the pre-registration links for the three days, or you can sign up the same rider(s), riding the same bike(s) all three days, using the “Three Day Entry” form. If you are not signing up the same rider on the same bike(s), for all three days, please create separate entries for those specific riders/days. Sqorz Timing is available to purchase on all of the forms below ($3 per bike, per day). In order to participate in timing, your rider will need to have a Sqorz transponder for each bike you want to enable timing on. If you do not already have one, transponders are $50ea, and can be purchased, for pickup on Raceday, using the link below.

Purchase Sqorz Transponders

NOTE: Purchasing a transponder and timing is strictly optional. 

Pre-Registration is Closed for This Weekend’s Races

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