Pre-Registration Links

Pre-Register for the Double-Triple-Triple Weekend

We look forward to seeing your family at The Hill, for our 2024 Double-Triple-Triple Weekend!

Below are the pre-registration links for the three days. You can Pre-Sign up to three riders on each race’s form.

Pre-registration ends at 5PM Thursday for Friday’s Race and 5PM Friday for Saturday and Sunday Races.

Sqorz Timing is available to purchase on all of the forms below ($3 per bike, per day). In order to participate in timing, your rider will need to have a Sqorz transponder for each bike you want to enable timing on.

If you do not already have one, transponders are $60ea, and can be purchased, for pickup on Raceday, using this link.
Purchase Sqorz TranspondersNOTE: Purchasing a transponder and timing is strictly-optional. 

Friday Warnicke Double (Closed)

Saturday State Race Triple

Sunday Gold Cup Qualifier Triple

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